liv wellness

liv wellness was born from the conviction that we are not meant to merely exist, we are meant to live. Living and thriving require us to take care of our bodies and minds. Just as your body will let you know when your physical health is out of balance through injury, disease or physical pain, your emotions will let you know when your mental health is out of balance.  Signs include:

  • A sense that you have internal obstacles or fears preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Persistent negative feelings [resulting from specific life event(s) or not] that don’t seem to pass on their own
  • Knowing what needs to be felt, thought, or done, but not being able to despite that knowledge
  • Patterns in your life that awareness alone does not seem to be helping (i.e. attracting the wrong people)

The good news is that all these concerns are reversible. The great news is change can occur at a faster rate than you may assume. This website is intended not only to outline the services offered by liv wellness, but to also provide a wealth of information about your internal system and offer a springboard for your healing process. Educating yourself is a primary and crucial step to change, especially when it comes to your health. It is the mission of liv wellness to offer the most effective and empirically validated treatment modalities to help you think, feel and behave the way you would like to as efficiently as possible. Let’s start online for free now.