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Upcoming Empowerment Group

Happy 2016 from liv wellness!  

The new year brings opportunities for fresh starts and changing patterns. These changes are always easier and more fun to accomplish with a group of like-minded and supportive women. I look forward to facilitating a safe and positive space for women to connect, self-examine, and make their desired life changes with the support of each other. I am excited to share that a start date has been set for the upcoming Empowerment Group:


Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 from 5:30pm-7:00pm

The Empowerment Group is a 10-week workshop for women focusing on developing self-knowledge, self-worth and self-support.

The group will meet every Wednesday for 10 weeks. It will be an open group, therefore new members can join at any time, and each group will focus on a particular area of empowerment. Here are the topics:

Week 1: Who Am I? – Identity, Self-Awareness (self-knowledge)
Overview of group structure and content, confidentiality, group rules and norms. Exercises focused on exploring identity and increasing self-awareness.

Week 2: My Beliefs Make Me – Cognitions (self-knowledge)
Exploring the connection between thoughts, feelings and actions and group members’ own self-beliefs. Developing ways to gain control over this cycle.

Week 3: Who Do I Want To Be? – Values and Goal Setting (self-knowledge)
Exploring personal values and philosophy on life and establishing short and long-term goals in accordance to those values.

Week 4: Managing Stress – Coping Skills (self-support)
Understanding that on the pathway to achieving goals, challenges may arise that cause stress. Learning about the function of stress and how it can be helpful. Increasing awareness of one’s personal stress threshold, and identifying healthy ways to cope.

Week 5: I Am Important – Self-esteem (self-worth)
Various exercises focused on identifying one’s own value and unique place in the world.

Week 6: I Teach Others How to Treat Me– Boundaries (self-worth)
Various exercises focused on boundary setting. Includes education on different types of boundaries, development of skills for setting, keeping, enforcing, and maintaining healthy boundaries with family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, children and in intimate relationships.

Week 7: Getting What I Need and Want– Assertive Communication (self-worth)
Learning ways to communicate healthy boundaries assertively. Differentiating assertive, passive, passive- aggressive and aggressive communication styles. Practice delivering information in an assertive way, using tools such as “I-statements” and authenticity.

Week 8: Domestic Violence Education and Prevention (self-worth)
Learning about the different types of abuse, the cycle of abuse, community resources and red flags of an abusive relationship to make sense of past experiences and feel more prepared for future relationships.

Week 9: I Can Take Care of Myself—Self Care (self-support)
Various exercises regarding self-care. Taking a step back from daily schedules to assess how much energy is expended and how often time is taken to rejuvenate. Exploring different ways to achieve rejuvenation.

Week 10: Celebration (self-support)
Celebrating 10 weeks of hard work, reflect on the group process as well as where group was, where group is, and where group wants to be in the future. Emphasis on the importance of celebrating big and small progress.


The fee is $40 per 1.5 hour group, and can be paid up front, in installments, or on a per-group basis via cash, check, e-transfer or credit card. Space is limited, please contact me if you are interested in registering at

Take care,

Helen Thomas MC, RCC, LPC