New Interview on Trauma Therapist Podcast

Hello, November!


The weather is changing, and as always there are changes brewing in liv wellness, my cozy corner in Downtown Vancouver. Every day, I’m so humbled by the work clients are putting in individually and in group, as we are halfway through our current round of Survivors Group. I was asked back on The Trauma Therapist Podcast to speak specifically about group work, check it out here:

The Challenges of Running Trauma Groups. Helen Thomas, MC, RCC, LPC

If the beautiful colours of the autumn leaves are inspiring your readiness to make some changes in your own life, please reach out, I’d be honoured to work with you.

Also, feel free to utilize my complimentary liv wellness future planner, which will send a copy of your answers to me so we can chat about them in your next session. I’ll pour you a cup of tea, and we can get straight to work.


All my best,

Helen Thomas MC, RCC, LPC

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