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BIG practice changes!

I have some big and exciting changes and updates to share about liv wellness!

September 25th will be my final week in my Downtown Vancouver practice, and I will be starting my maternity leave.

This office has been the home to my practice for over two years, and it certainly feels like a significant transition to close its doors. This space has held many powerful moments in the journeys of my clients, as well as, of course, myself.


Once I return from my leave, I will be re-opening in the South Surrey/White Rock area, and will be posting on here when the time comes to keep you updated!

Other practice updates:

Nothing puts the fire under you like an impending baby coming into your life!

I am very proud to share, aside from the Trauma Sensitive Yoga training I was able to complete this summer, I also became a Certified EMDR Therapist, an advanced designation through the EMDR International Association.

Beyond the professional development, I have to say nothing compares to the “continuing education credits” for a counsellor that are received from creating and nurturing human life from scratch. Pregnancy has been such a beautiful journey of feeling both the most powerful and most vulnerable than I perhaps ever have in my life.

  • It has brought a whole new level of understanding of the importance of self-care.
  • It has imparted me with a new level of understanding of attachment and human development that moves right alongside my work as a trauma-informed therapist.
  • It has also been a thrill to have a 3rd little person in the therapy room for the past few months!

Even though I will not be providing in-office counselling during my maternity leave, I look forward to sharing more insights on wellness as I gather these new experiences on attachment, development, mindfulness, self-care, wellness, and the balance of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. I look forward to seeing and sharing the ways in which my practice as a counsellor enriches as I embark on this journey of birth and motherhood.

Take Care,

Helen Thomas MC, RCC, LPC





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