Int’l Women’s Day + inciting an internal revolution

Happy International Women's Day! The gender equality movement has been palpable in the past few months since my last related post. It is estimated that at least 3.3 million people participated in the Women's March across the United States. There were zero arrests. Beyond the U.S., people marched on all 7 continents in solidarity. With it … Continue reading Int’l Women’s Day + inciting an internal revolution

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the road to liv wellness

Sharing with you some highlights of my journey to liv wellness - As a competitive figure skater growing up, Sports Psychology was my first taste into appreciating the power our mindsets can have on our emotions and physical performances. Psychology developed into natural interest for me, and became my major in undergraduate studies, with a minor in Women's Studies. While working … Continue reading the road to liv wellness


staying sane in the age of social media

Although breathtakingly beautiful, the hike I took this week was quite challenging for me. Out in nature, especially when pushing my body, is often when my mind is clearest, I feel most connected, and insights can come into focus. Here are some photos from the hike, along with some insights that decided to pop up on this unyielding mountain. … Continue reading staying sane in the age of social media