Therapy is a collaborative process to catalyze your emotional, cognitive, and behavioural goals. It is a vital investment in your health and wellbeing.

Individual Counselling – 50 minute counselling session $125 + GST

Individual Counselling – 80 minute counselling session (suggested for reprocessing phase of EMDR) $200 + GST

Consultation – 50 minute consultation session $125 + GST

Phone or video sessions available on a case by case basis, please contact to discuss.

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Workshops/Group Counselling

  • Survivors Group: An 8-week trauma process group for female adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Based on The Courage to Heal by Laura Davis and Ellen Bass. Contact for more information. 120 minute sessions, $50 + GST/session.
  • Empowerment Workshop: A ten-week skill-building workshop to create a foundation for empowerment within a small, safe, vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Topics include self-knowledge development, goal setting, cognitions and core beliefs, domestic abuse education and prevention, setting healthy boundaries, communicating assertively, self-support. 90 minute sessions, $40 + GST/session.

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Helen Thomas RCC

Counselling fees provided by a RCC may qualify for reimbursement with some Extended Health Benefits Plans. Counselling fees may also be filed in your personal taxes under “Medical Expenses.”

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