liv wellness future planner

Would you ever embark on a road trip without a determined destination? Or sit down at a restaurant and request “a plate of food” to your server?  Of course not. You would choose the destination you were headed, and you would give your server more specific information besides “food.”  In therapy, the statement, “I want to be happy” can yield similar results to a server hearing “I want food.”

The definitions for terms like happiness and success vary significantly from person to person. Developing a clear picture of how you would specifically like your life to be is an important first step to change and any successful therapy. Recording your intentions now can also help you reflect back on your progress at a future time. This is why I developed this free and optional tool.

I invite you to take a moment to briefly describe that picture using the following prompts. Once you’ve finished and submitted, a copy will be sent to me. I look forward to discussing the vision you have for your life with you in our session.